Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friend Fame

Thanks to all who came out this weekend to Holiday Heap. To all the vendors who make and sell such lovely things, to the Baltimore Etsy Street Team for their extra help with running the show, To Clementine Restaurant for the delicious sandwiches they provided for FREE for our vendors (!!), and to my fellow Craft Mafiosos, who are surely all exhausted like we are today, and who I hope are doing absolutely no work until Monday.
When you are done playing with your new crafty purchases, you should take a look at this! Our good pals Albert & Vanessa recently made this music video for our other good pals The Spinto Band.
It was on the front page of YouTube when last I looked and the bonus YouTube fame is well deserved! I love all the craft supplies flowing by and the winking baby doll head.

1 comment:

Jennifer Bone said...

Wow! I love that you can see Vanessa's influence...