Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Office

Sorry for the low post rate... things are busier than ever here in Baltimore and I've barely had time to breath. Poor Phil has had to help out with printing and errands and screen burning, and we all but missed his birthday and had to take a rain check. Terrible.
I know when my arms are sore, it's been a productive day, and if I could feel them right now, I think they would be really really sore. (Right now they are pleasantly numb). When there's time, I'll post some photos of our weekend sprint to upstate Maine and back. For now, I'll leave you with a quote.
D*S recently featured a poster from Office and I went to the site and looked at the about section and the first thing written there was "We believe mediocrity is our nemesis"

I didn't know it, but I think we do too. Also: Free Time.

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