Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay, Also

Oh- also- I had to post this because I'm both flattered and weirded out (mostly flattered).
The maker - Lisa - wrote an email to me asking if it was okay to post her "felt translation" of my painting "The Secret" on her flickr page. The original painting (top) was recently used for The new Spinto Band album "Moonwink" (go get it!) and that's where she found it. The translation is actually of the album cover. . I mostly just didn't know what a felt translation was, so of course I said HECK YEAH!

Weird and totally awesome to see your own art made in a different way!


Juliet said...

THAT is awesome!

Lisa said...

Thank you very much !

marlene heuer said...

related to this...i went into my local record shop tonight, not planning to buy anything. then i looked up and saw spinto band's new album on the display wall, and i totally recognized your work. of course i had to buy it! how cool!

Rachel Bone said...

aw, thanks Marlene! it's a great CD, so a bonus to buying the album for it's cover... it's also worth keeping for it's content! YEAH!

marlene heuer said...

yeah, i finally saw spinto band play in rochester a few months ago. it was a great show!!
side note:
my boyfriend just applied for a job in baltimore...do you have any words of advice about your big beautiful city?

Rachel Bone said...

marlene, we love it here. there are certain neighborhoods more adaptable than others, like any city. I recommend living in Hampden, which is where we live, or Charles Village/Remington. we have friends in both of those places too. Move to Baltimore!!!