Friday, October 17, 2008

Hot Sizzlin Sir Tifficate

Oh my goodness. Guess what???????

we have finally upgraded to the internet knowledge of a 6 year old in the 1990's, and figured out how to make a gift certificate!
This holiday season, there is NO NEED to get yourself slapped for guessing someone's size wrong!
Get them a gift certificate, and let them figure it out for themselves!

visit the Red Prairie Press shop
Get yours while they're hot! (or later, when they're still hot. These babies stay hot for a long time... like those freaky heatup pads for your ski gloves... except actually, way longer. Think volcanic ash. or... the sun. or those red fireball candies. or really spicy food, really hot food, or really hot spicy food........ in a volcano..... hurling itself toward the sun.... in a very warm sweater).


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