Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Belated Maine Recap

So, Phil's family is wonderful and has decided that they'll have Thanksgiving early every year so that everyone can go to their respective "other sides." for real thanksgiving. The other inlaws, if you will. This year, their faux thanksgiving happened to fall on Canadian Thanksgiving without anyone knowing until the last minute, and then, of course, we all pretended we'd known the whole time. I believe it has sparked a new tradition in the Davis family, and a fitting one. Grammy Davis was born in Nova Scotia. Plus, Maine is awfully close to Canada. Plus, the Canadians are a fine people, and we should be thankful they are such pleasant neighbors! Anyway, here are some photos from our wonderful trip to New England... which was all too brief, but just enough time to fill our nostrils with autumn air, check out the leaves and pumpkins, eat enough apples to last all winter, and spend some quality time on a beautiful farm on a pleasant front porch taking photos of each other.
Sunset over Maine, Canadian Thanksgiving Day:

Who'd have thought I'd miss a certain type of tree? Although I don't remember acknowledging them while I lived there, White birch now endlessly remind me of home.

Phil on the trail to an overlook of Mt. Katadin, which is the northernmost point of the Appalacian trail.

A beautiful day on a beautiful porch. So much food, coffee and fresh air:

Just like white birch, while plentiful in New England, you don't see many of these in Baltimore:

And what trip to New England is complete without obsessing over our adorable niece?

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