Friday, February 1, 2008

New Men's Tee

After a post a while back on design sponge about Oaxacan textiles, I got excited to make a new pattern inspired by them. While in the end, I guess my designs don't have a whole lot to do with Oaxaca... (the colors are off, the animals don't have horns, the pattern is screen printed instead of appliqu├ęd and it ended up more of an emblem than a pattern), it was fun making up animals to draw, and nice to force myself to research something for the first time in a while. Also- the main point here being that we finally have a long awaited new men's tshirt so the half-dozen men that actually shop at indie craft fairs (generally, the brothers, boyfriends and dads of other crafters) can stop pestering me for a new shirt, and do something more productive, like recruit more men to shop at indie craft fairs!

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