Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dranks, Smokes, and Rock n Roll

My good friends The Spinto Band are playing The 8x10 Club tonight with a few other bands, including The Whigs. You should come out and have a DRANK with us, and celebrate the last night to smoke in a bar in Charm City!!!! Most of Baltimore seems pretty peeved about the smoking ban, which goes into effect at midnight tonight, and that's only plausible...seeing as how about 105% of Baltimore smokes, including pets and toddlers...but I think I might have to side with City Paper on this one. I know it's a crime...the government robbing us of one more right...(our right to smoke tobacco and exhale wherever we darn well please)... but it will be nice not to wake up half-blind and smelling like BBQ after a night out in Baltimore. And, like BCP points out, this city is in dire need of outdoor dining.
Question though: Once the stench of cigarettes is gone... what will Baltimore's watering holes actually smell like? I imagine something quite unlike roses.

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