Thursday, January 17, 2008

Men's Shirt Inspiration

At least SOMEONE is doing it right! I spent yesterday searching the world wide web for some inspiring men's tees, and came up with very little that I liked.
Come to think of it, most fairs we've gone to really don't have much for men in general and we're apparently in on the trend.
Let's face it, Red Prairie Press is LACKING in Men's Apparel, and in 2008, we're seeking to change that. But who to look to for inspiration? Louisiana based Supermaggie is a small tee company run by Supers: Maggie and Michael. We recently ran into them at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, and then happily again in Chicago a few months later. I love the designs Maggie concocts, mostly from photos of her own yard and garden, and I got a huge kick out of comparing stories about printing in a shed with her. Check out their latest in quality men's garb above (the design comes in women's tees too).

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