Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Art of Trash

JK Keller's website is sorta all over the place, but I'm into some of his trash art the best. Above is an ASL Alphabet made entirely from matchbooks found discarded on the street. You might notice an extra...less wholesome 28th letter at the end. I wish it wasn't there, but I had to chuckle a little to myself. After all...he did pick all these books of matches up off the street. Seems only fair he be allowed a little one-finger salute to whoever left them there. Below is a set of houses he made for an installation at a Pittsburgh Filmakers Event. (for the latter, he used only junk mail received by Pittsburgh Filmakers from the time of his proposal for the project, and the event itself. The recycle factor is a nice touch, and I can't help but relate to the interest in junk mail. Today I opened the door just as my friendly neighborhood mailman was stuffing a handfull of pennysaver type newspaper sheets into our newly installed mailbox (newly installed as the old one was too small to hold such precious mail, and ill-fitting legitimate mail was being returned to sender). He went to pull his hand away, and the sweet Baltimore breezes exploded the paper from the mailbox and all the way down the street. Nice.
In any case. Look at this site. Lots of cool projects and original ideas.

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