Thursday, January 24, 2008

Imogene and Annie

My friend and fellow Craft Mafia member Annie runs, which until 2008, was an online shop selling a medly of things from calendars and stationary to clothing and jewelry. However, Annie has finished hocking other people's gear, and is determined to sell only her own jewelry line, "Imogene and Annie," now through her Etsy shop. She's recently challenged herself to make a new piece of jewelry EVERY DAY until February 29th. At which point, I can only assume her pretty little fingers will fall off, and she will sit and eat french baked goods for a bit.
Annie is one of the hardest working small business owners I know, not to mention, one of the more creative and talented product photographers in the crafty world. And you ought to check out her site and her jewelry if you haven't already. As for me, I'm considering re-piercing my ears, so i can pull off these whale earrings. In the meantime, I'd better go make some fricking t-shirts, so as not to feel like a slacker in the presence of greatness at tonight's Craft Mafia meeting!

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annie said...

hi rachel! thank you so much for the amazingly kind words. i say we should celebrate on february 29th with an abundance of chocolate and almond AND butter croissants!!