Friday, January 25, 2008

The Notable Animal

Even though I barely saw past my table neighbors at the mayhem that was Bust Craftacular 2007, I did manage to find Screech Owl Designs. Jacqueline and George Schmidt are a husband and wife team based in Brooklyn, and they have artwork in New York City, Chicago, Michigan, Mexico, and in Amsterdam, as well as in the form of notecards (on recycled paper, no less) on their website. You can find the card to match your zodiac sign (mine is the rust colored truck below), just browse from three collections, or get yourself a box set. Why not? I'm a huge sucker for illustrative artwork that tells part of a story not there. Why these animals are all over Eames chairs, or guarding this luggage is left to the sender, or receiver of these cards. Now, you have no excuse not to write your mother. The new site will officially launch this weekend, so watch out for new and exciting stuff to come.
Also, just so you know, the Screech Owl is New Jersey's most common breeding owl. Adorable, right? You're welcome.

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