Thursday, October 18, 2007

warning: you are what you eat.

L.A. based Jon Huck has two series of photos on his website ( and I am fascinated by both the breakfast and the couples series. In both, he seems to be suggesting mimicry and although I'm not sure if it was a happy mistake or a goal, it cracked me up and made me want to start eating more attractive breakfasts.

Admittedly, it's not the first time such a project has been done. I've seen people matching their cars, their pets, each other, and their homes before...and once in college, I took part in a one-week eating chart poll, and you had to pose for a photo portrait with whatever food appeared most often on your chart. I had baked banana bread that week, and somewhere in the world, there's a portrait of me with a collection of it. I never saw the proofs, but I hope my face didn't appear overly loaf-like...
But the cleanliness and intimacy in these photos is something Huck has personally perfected. I feel privileged seeing what people look like in the morning, and I believe they were really photographed at breakfast time. The coffee drinkers look like they'd sooner eat a camera than pose for a photo before obtaining caffine. As for me... I'm going to rethink my health regimin. Because for the record.... this is exactly what I ate this morning:

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