Wednesday, October 24, 2007


"...Also, boygirlparty is one word. It just is." After drooling over everything boygirlparty for a couple years now, that statement is the thing that sticks with me after exploring Susie Ghahremani's magical online shop. The trend of quirky juvenile looking illustration that is drowning the art and craft world right now could learn a few things from Ghahremani. Her illustrations, while innocent and goofy, are so clever and beautiful and pulled together. Her patterns are unique, her world is dreamy, and her animals are so ridiculous you want to own them as little disfunctional family pets. Ghahremani takes illustration jobs by commission in a addition to selling her original artwork, and printed products (t-shirts, postcards, mirrors, stationary...) online at We recently ran into boygirlparty's booth at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, and got to meet Susie Ghahremani in person. Not only is she a wonderful artist and charming person, but she is also a superb one-woman band ("Snoozer") and has a podcast called "Le Podcast de boygirlparty" which I am overjoyed to have discovered. How is it even possible to be so cool? She just is.

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