Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Tank Tops!

$28 // MADE IN USA Tanks //

New American-Made, Baltimore-Printed, Nature Inspired tank tops in Sage and Sky Blue.
Now available in the Red Prairie Press shop. Dive in. 95 degrees in Bmore today, and we are headed to the O's vs. RedSox game. I love this series the best, because I secretly root for both teams. I don't care who wins - just who sells me a veggie burger at Camden Yards (Answer: Baseline Burgers - behind right field - has the best we've found so far, if you're curious), and trying to get on the kiss cam with Phil. (Fun fact: we once got on the dance cam twice in one game. We are either that good, or that bad at dancing). Anyways... if you got a bit overheated reading this... you can purchase yourself a new tank top HERE. 

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