Thursday, March 26, 2015

Handmade Knife!

Phil's knife from a class at Station North Tool Library

For Christmas this year, I got my husband Phil a knife making class at the community tool library in Baltimore. I rarely see him this excited about learning anything new - and it was such a cool process to watch (well...through photos). He came home last night with this beautiful new chef's knife - finally completed - and we chopped a carrot just for fun. Can't stress enough what a great facility the Station North Tool Library is for Baltimore - they not only teach rad classes like this one, but for a small annual membership fee, you can can borrow saws, pipe cutters, lawn tools, ladders - you name it. So much more rewarding and affordable to do house projects yourself, and these guys will teach you how.
It's owned by the friendliest couple you've ever met, and it's conveniently close to where we live.


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