Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our very own ICY SIGN!

When I caught wind a few weeks ago that the artist behind one of my favorite murals in Baltimore was coming to town from Brooklyn to do a temporary pop-up project down by Lexington Market, I knew I'd want to be involved. Stephen Powers (of ICY SIGNS) along with a crew of talented sign painters has moved into a small space on Paca St. and for the last few weeks, has been doing a really great outreach project, making hand painted enamel signs for Baltimore businesses.... free of charge. If you've driven down 295 and peered toward Second Chance, you'll see some of the bigger signs they've been working on, but Red Prairie Press requested a smaller more mobile one since we don't yet have a permanent location. I am so grateful to have something so special to represent my own work, made by artists I respect so entirely. You can check out the genius of Stephen Power's work through his instagram account: HERE.

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