Monday, June 2, 2014

Tank Top Fever

Summer has hit in Baltimore, and on my walk to get an afternoon coffee, I've just passed the neighborhood pool, which was to my shock, swarming with people in lounge chairs on a Monday afternoon. Wonder if any of them have even more free time, and want to come help me prepare for this weekend's Pile of Craft fair in Charles Village?
Restocking all of these flowy, racerback tank tops today in the shop in preparation for said craft fair, and dreaming of the wonderful weekend I just spent with Phil - working in our garden, going running, visiting the neighborhood street festival, and repainting our bedroom a lighter, brighter color. Is it only Monday? Looking ahead dreamily to a much desired vacation in NH that starts in one week and involves some woods and some family. Both of which are not only desired, but required right now :)

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