Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inspiration for Possibility

Even though I have a dad who sends me inspirational Taylor Swift quotes by text message, and an awesome husband who cheerleads me from the sidelines running this business, and neighbors who mistakenly think I'm famous, and the personal memory of a goldfish when it comes to things I want to do even if they once didn't work... you might find it surprising that I doubt myself every once in a while. (I'll give you a second while you're recovering from shock. Ok back? )
Moving into a new space, with new costs attached and the new responsibility of packing myself a lunch in the morning has come with some emotional challenges. I find myself sitting in a big beautiful room at a desk with windows, thinking "Am I supposed to be here?" and "Can I afford this?" and also, "What the hell is the person above me DOING to that poor elephant family? How are they making those noises!?"
I've decided to skip the inspirational books (Having listened to a popular one on the bus to NY recently, my strongest preliminary thoughts were terror-based worries that someone saw me mash play and knew what I was reading) and skip straight to the finding of inspirational images on the internet. For example, this photo from the early 80's, illustrating how the Boston Museum of Science got a new dino-acquisition delivered.

Everything is possible.

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