Monday, November 25, 2013

New paintings

I've been working on more folk-art themed paintings in the studio recently. I will have to take better shots of everything and put them online, but today is cleaning frenzy day. (Tomorrow, our Thanksgiving family party week begins, and I'm so excited!)
I'm always nervous to show people my painting work area because it's so sparse. I have a studio outside of the house for two reasons- 1. to avoid the clutter of my house; 2. to avoid getting distracted. So unlike everyone else's studio, mine is basically an empty corner. Just a table and some paint. Oh and some headphones, a teacup and a couple of those yarn and popsicle stick gods eye things that you make at day camp (or... someone else makes you, at their rec center crafting job)... and I think there's some fancy mustard in that photo, which besides tea, is the only food I actually keep in the studio, for some reason. (Pretzels travel with me).

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