Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Studio + Studio Mates!

 Max + Ru peeking at our space

If someone in 2003 had told 21 year old Rachel Bone that in ten years, she would be sharing an art studio with animator Max Porter, her chubby little freckle-face might have exploded right off her head. 
Phil and I first discovered Max's work while on a college adventure with friends to Ottawa Animation Festival where Max's senior project (Red Things) was playing. We were obsessed and intimidated, and avoided eye contact. We have followed his work ever since, and when Phil contacted Max and his talented wife (and long-time collaborator) Ru Kuwahata through their company Tiny Inventions last year to take part in an animation show, we were over the moon to find out that Max had just accepted a job at MICA and he and Ru needed a place to live & work in Baltimore. Months later, they lived across the street from us, and a year later, I consider them close and inspiring friends, with whom I'm so pleased to have just signed a lease on an art studio nearby. 
Funny how approachable people turn out to be when you least expect it, and how simple decisions can be when you are 31, instead of 21. I cannot wait to start working in the company of these two brilliant minds, and to move at least one small part of my art making outside the house again (Red Prairie Press will stay put for now). New and exciting things are happening! Life is happening! Baltimore is happening!
We move in June. Until then, I'll see you at the craft fairs as usual.


Jon said...

"We were obsessed and intimidated, and avoided eye contact." a beautiful sentence

Velda said...

This is cool!