Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Oh look! We found a french bistro! Oh wait no... that's our backyard. And our friends goofing off in it. Or... what's left of it...
Due to recent construction projects in our backyard, involving a desire for modern plumbing (our sewer line being replaced), we had to dig up the entire thing and down the trees.Ouch. There is nothing left but mud, hay, a little moss, and a wobbly fence. Although disheartening after 3 years of trying to build up a flower garden and grass only to have them all gone... it's kind of fun to have a fresh slate to work with. With the help of some generous friends, we've raked out the dirt to level it and are currently trying to find someone to help rebuild our fence so that it will withstand someone blowing on it from the outside. We are also doing something called "lasagna layering" to compost & reclaim our "soil" (which is currently a hard, gross clay that isn't good for water drainage, or growing anything). One reason the soil is so bad is that our rainwater drainage isn't done properly, and to fix that, we are very excited to build or find a cool looking rain barrel. I've been finding some really neat ones online like this  and this. Good to know they aren't all ugly and plastic (which we would use if it were in a more descrete location, but unfortunately, ours will have to sit in a very visible part of our back porch, because of where the gutter and drainage line are. 
Do you have a well designed rain barrel that you love? Is it made locally? We'd love to check it out!
I love the ones I've seen that are a planter on top as well. Bonus points for those, especially if they come with the mosquito dunks, so we can avoid doubling the already-heavy population in our neighborhood. 
Can't wait to show you our progress as it... well... progresses.

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