Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Spending this week finishing the editing on photos of our new duds, and getting them internet/catalog/print ready for you to see. Love this outtake of Kim. (And by outtake, I also might mean "catalog cover") After an hour of the cat snuggling her feet while I snapped photos of her from the waist up, we put him in a basket and she carried him around for another 20 photos. A normal cat might leap out of the basket and run off, but he posed for a while, then slumped down to the bottom of the basket and slept through the next 2 hours of photo shooting. Loyal, or lazy, you decide. But he's great company (except that Kim is technically allergic to cats)... Oops!
Did I ever mention that in order to run a business smoothly, you need very good friends? A cute cat doesn't hurt either, but really the friends are what make or break it.


Angie said...

I think this says a lot about Kim's biceps. That lovable fur ball is massive!

Kim said...

I'll happily hold your cat in a basket anytime (just not with my bare hands, achoo!).