Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In late December as Phil and I were recapping our year, and getting our annual dose of pressure from family to produce offspring, we decided that we would ignore everyone, and make 2013 our "walkabout" year. This means we will do everything we can to travel more. We started so far with a few excursions to cabins in WV, PA, a trip to NH, another one planned for Massachusetts... but our first big adventure starts next week with a trip to a place I've wanted to go since 2006 when I saw this  post on Design Sponge involving some pretty hand appliqued fabric. (although she didn't know where it had come from, her readers schooled her in Mexican handicrafts in the comments section). Anyway, enter my obsession with the state of Oaxaca, and seven years later, my decision to finally drag my husband there to go visit textile artisans in the city with the promise we could spend part of the time at the beach, and the other promise that according to the internet - he will be able to eat some lime soaked grasshoppers. (He's an easy sell). While we are both particularly poor with vacation-planning follow-through (which turns out to be a skill), we have managed to pull together some plane tickets (purchased mostly with credit card points earned from having to buy a new sewer recently, I'll have you know), a place to stay that involves hammocks and large leafed plants, and a vague idea of what we need (namely: sunscreen, cash, and a Spanish English dictionary)... and off we go next week to discover rainbows, sea turtles, spicy foods, handicrafts and perhaps a nice sunset or two.
If you have any advice for us - Please let us know. We are so excited.

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Angie said...

I'm expecting your living room to look like that top photo when you get back.