Thursday, February 21, 2013

Line by line.

Sometimes when you work for yourself, it can feel impossible to maintain a level of decent work ethic. I do want to work hard all day, I swear. But the internet is vast, and the cat is so easily entertaining, and there are snacks. So I've taken to writing myself really detailed schedules, demanding real goals be met during the day. (ranging in importance from "drink tea" to "compile a calendar of craft show application deadlines" to "write an invoice for ___"). You might not find To-Do lists exciting, but when there's no one to congratulate you for getting something done (and no one to demand it of you to begin with), then crossing something off a list is the next best thing. A talented former-Baltimorean I know named Rachel Monroe who recently transplanted to Marfa, TX just wrote a great article on the trials of working freelance. You can read it HERE.
However you feel about the excitements of task-doing... Wanna know what's DEFINITELY exciting? These beautiful new pieces we're getting ready for spring photoshoot next week! I love the scallop-shape bottom hemline of these "ballerina" tanks. Can't wait to show them off soon!

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Phil Davis said...

You want me to get a light kit for the photo shoot?