Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun and Whimsy and Love and Homeowning.

Boy are WE having a time, over here!
I've been silent for half the month due to some impressive sickness, followed by a trip to NY, followed by our plumbing system failing us, followed (closely) by abandoning the house for the weekend and going to a cabin in the woods, followed by tearing down our fence by hand, so a bulldozer could drive through our yard today, which had to be completely leveled and dug up in a way that makes us look like people who are maybe crazy people, because it's now, for some reason instead of a lovely garden and shrub dotted yard, we have no back fence, and a flat patty of mud covered in hay, like we're maybe hoping to own a pony. This project, very enlightening, has informed us on things like: "how much DO I like showers and flushable toilets in my own home?"(a lot) and "how much DOES it cost to plow through a fence with a backho?"(not much, but it's more fun to DIY) and "what exactly can you chop in half with an angle grinder?" (everything) and also "How much does obtaining a new sewer cost?" (a lot. double what you think, in fact).
So, we're quitting our jobs to become wealthy, wealthy plumbers, is my point. Sorry, no more Red Prairie Press. Actually, still Red Prairie Press, but we only make Mario & Luigi outfits... and fix your plumbing.


We're back, we're in good health, and we're printing up a storm!
And guess what!? I'm part of an art show in NYC at a gallery called Nancy Margolis Gallery. The show opens this Thursday, which happens to be Valentine's Day, so I hope you & your Valentine can come before the romantic dinner you have booked in NY! It's a really fun show with three other very talented artists, and worth the trip out in the cold.

Fun and Whimsy
Rachel Bone, Benrei Huang, Tom Ngo, Alex Paik
Febraury 14-March 23 2013
Opening Reception: February 14, 6-8pm
Nancy Margolis Gallery
523 West 25th St., New York, NY 10001

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