Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome New Year

If you open iphoto on our office desktop, and click on "Last 12 Months" you get to view a photo calendar of our year, as mapped by primarily craft fair adventures, weddings, and things we've deep fried or put photo-worthy amounts of cheese on. What I like about looking at this collection is that it reminds me of how completely disorganized we are with photos (and really, travel planning) but how surprisingly all-inclusive we seem to be at using photography to remember things. Here's our new rug, followed by outtakes of a pal posing in Red Prairie Press gear. There's a screen print collaboration we did in Baltimore, a trip to Austin, a trip to Cape Cod, an easter day picnic, a memorable 30th birthday, the beach, my family, our community garden, before and after shots of tubing on the Gunpowder river, camping in Highlands, NC. Phil and I jumping off waterfalls, me assembling a wedding cake and carrying it down a dirt road. We are farm sitting our favorite donkey's, hiking in NH, setting up at craft fairs all over. Phil sports a hand injury, we watch a parade. There are art projects, film festivals, more apparel, "I voted" stickers, and countless shots of our favorite cat, relaxing like a champion all year. In a time when social media seems to document our every motion, sometimes I wonder what we really need any extra photos for, but here I am enjoying seeing them immensely... and finding myself craving some printed versions- which we stopped doing at some point. When did that happen?

As we begin a new year, and file taxes in memorium of 2012, I am still working on my resolutions... but Phil and I have both decided that 2013 seems like a good year for adventuring. I can't wait to share with you our (working title) Walkabout Year by way of photos. Please feel free to share your adventures with me too - especially if you happen to be adventuring in a Red Prairie Press original... which by the way, we will still be producing and offering to you in new and exciting amounts of comfiness, folksiness, and adventure-readiness.

Happy New Year to you and Me both.

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