Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bye Bye Baby

With each new year comes new outlooks, and changes and projects. One of our big changes this year is that after a giggle-inducing seven years, we are saying goodbye to our children's clothing line in favor of bringing you more new and exciting accessories and unique women's apparel pieces. I am really excited for the projects I have lined up for this year, especially those that I'm having made entirely in Baltimore City, from design to print with all the cutting, sewing, patterning, steaming and labeling done here too. As we look ahead toward our longterm goals of becoming more localized, eco friendly, and printed on truly unique and comfy pieces, I have to pick and choose what lines to spend our (a-hem) limited financing on. Although the baby onesies are close to our hearts since they were one of the very first products we produce, Phil and I both decided that in order to focus on making the Red Prairie Press brand more recognizable, and unique - we are willing to sell off the remainders (don't worry - we have plenty left - but we expect to sell out early this summer) in favor of the new projects in the works!
If you're looking to grab one of our special (soon-to-be-rare) little onesies at a discounted price - you can do that now! All baby styles have been reduced to $18 (down from $22) at www.redprairiepress.com. Get em while they're small (The babies of the world, that is) and then, let's grow up*, shall we?
*We have absolutely no plans of growing up in the near future. 

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