Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Printing Techniques

Although I'm not much of one for working with others (proven by the fact that I work alone in a basement studio most of the day) - I couldn't do everything I get done without the help of the awesome interns we see come through every year. My current intern Daney is an illustration major, and working on a line of skateboarding gear that I think is really promising. So promising that I let her come print the shirts here in her spare time. She's actually caught onto printing pretty quickly - and I'd be jealous of her super fast learning skills if she didn't look like this (see above) at the end of a print run. Girl looks like she got in a rumble with a rainbow... but I'm pretty sure she won, because her tshirts came out great today - surprisingly lacking handprints all over them. Can't wait to show you her finished line.

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