Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's do this, Maryland.

Waited a little over 1.5 hours this morning in line at our local library to cast our votes. The neighborhood is abuzz with smiling high fiving people wearing "I VOTED" stickers or carrying their sample ballots and hot coffees. It's the only line I've been in all year where people standing there - shivering in the cold, holding their pee, missing work meetings - were good natured about the long wait, and even laughing about it. Saying how great it was we all came out. What a year of decisions we get to make.
After months of tireless campaigning for one of our favorite causes (can you guess which one?), I actually teared up getting to vote for it this morning. I like seeing kids with their parents, and neighbors with neighbors. Tonight we go to a potluck at a friend's place, where there will be both celebratory champagne and commiseratory whiskey. We wait to see which one our cups will hold this election year... though I think a little champagne is in order either way, to celebrate people getting out to vote!

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