Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sugar-high as a kite

Would you like to know what's better than Halloween on our street in Baltimore?


Nothing is better.

Why? Because not only do we get to see a billion little crazy people running around like banchees dressed up like... I don't really know what the %*#$, because I don't keep up with modern television... but I get to fulfill my childhood dreams of pulling a supermarket sweep on the candy aisle of the grocery store, and then one hour into trick-or-treat time, I get to go BACK, because $50 of candy ISN'T ENOUGH and we get to buy more candy. And do we steal some of this candy and eat it ourselves until our tummies ache, even though we're probably not dressed up, and forgot to eat dinner because we were busy thinking about the big bowl of candy? Yup. Yup we do.


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