Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scarves for Fall

Daney the intern and I had a great photo shoot the other day with the new scarves & fall styles - which you can see popping up in our Etsy shop (soon to be on the RPP website as well, don't fret). It's fun to switch up my day and get out of the studio to do something that isn't printing, shipping, or answering emails once in a while, and I like setting up our living room as a photo set (Though don't be confused - I would prefer to have a studio in which I could set up a permanent version of this, so I didn't have to build it up and tear it down in a day each time we print something new). I'm excited for fall craft fairs, because I like the weather and the smells of this season best, and because it's close enough to the holidays that people are shopping for gifts... but without the panicked look in the eyes that develops in late November and effects us all straight through the new year. I'm hoping to get out to the county and go for a hike this weekend before insanity ensues and the pretty leaves are all brown. It's nothing like New England fall down here... but when you squint, the colors are there... in friendly watered down versions that still do the trick. Plus there's plenty of apple cider at the farmer's market, just waiting to be mulled and drunk with neighbors on halloween - where UNlike at home, we actually get trick-or-treaters... more than we can finance the candy for, some years! Hope you have a nice weekend too, wherever you are.

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