Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Votin' time.

Please Vote tees & totes by Baltimore Print Studios

We have about a month and a half to figure out which of these local & national dodo's we want as president/mayor/city council/senate/etc, and which pieces of legislation we want to push forward or push off a cliff. I won't tell you who to vote for but I will be perfectly frank about this: We live in a country in which, all complaints aside, we have a very unique and wonderful right to vote for who we want in these offices. As a woman, I know I wasn't handed this right, someone earned it for me. As a citizen, I take this right very seriously. So although I normally wear exclusively Red Prairie Press apparel, I'm willing to make one small exception around this time of year for a special clothing line, also made in the finest city in America (hint: in my opinion, that city starts with "B-a-l-t-i-m-o-r-e..." and ends with everyone cheering). In all seriousness, let's not take this great place for granted. Someone fought for our right to help decide our leaders, representatives, and guidelines. We ought to take that right and wear it proudly on our sleeves chests.

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