Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank you Baltimore!

It's always so encouraging to have some of the best events we do be the ones in Baltimore. We had a great show on Saturday at Pile of Craft, which is one of my favorite shows because of all the return customers. I love that I'm to a point where I recognize half my Baltimore customers. It's really making craft fairs more fun to see everyone twice a year. People I remember from the very beginning are showing up with new haircuts, and babies, or having lost weight and picked up running. People who already own every Red Prairie Press shirt show up demanding new designs - encouraging me to pump out new things. At a party in the county last night, while sitting around a campfire making smores from the closest ingredients you can buy at Monkton 7-11 (which happen to be Marshmallows, Chocolate and pretzels instead of Graham) and recounting the fair, we laughed that due to 15 different enormous high budget events happening the same day in the city Saturday - our customer turnout was a bit lower than normal, but somehow the people who came picked up the slack, and most folks we talked to had done well despite the low traffic flow. That's not really surprising to me - it's just Baltimore. This city takes no bull. People only do things they want to do, and buy things they want to buy. No one comes to Pile of Craft on a day they could be watching the Blue Angels, or partying in Mount Vernon at Pride if they aren't dedicated to supporting the arts & buying handmade. So our loyal customers are just that: outlandishly loyal. Making them my favorites, hands down. My friend Susie says that my blog posts are always so giddy & positive... and after re-reading this, I see what she means. I told her that I would start a sentence with that in my next post. I think it will end something like this: "... I'm just glad someone is reading them."

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