Monday, June 25, 2012


Nogeeshik + Jon, I'm glad you didn't have to watch us carry this thing down the dirt road on a board... we MAY have been sweating a little, and I MAY have accidentally slapped it as we set it down, and refrosted it with my hand at the last minute... but no one can say for sure, because luckily, only a blackberry with dwindling battery power was there to document this mountaintop comedy routine, and Erin was laughing too hard at the point to operate it. We just spent a magical week in the mountains, streams, woods and waterfalls of Highlands, NC. We were there for our pals' wedding, and for my first attempt of making a wedding cake (which because we were camping, I baked without decorating, froze here in Baltimore, drove down in a cooler and frosted the day before the wedding at a rental house about a 1/4 mile from the reception, which worked out perfectly). But we also got to hike, swim, and jump off of rocks into fast moving water, sit around a campfire, sing our hearts out and dance until we had extreme whiplash, not to mention eat my favorite food, Pimento Cheese. So happy to have been introduced to this paradise, and we're back in Baltimore already counting the days until we have reason to return.

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sara said...

Love hearing about your adventures! Lovely cake, too! :)