Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Photo from The Luxist

I managed to get myself sick this week, so while I should be frantically preparing for my trip to Las Vegas, I'm instead doing my work quietly from bed, crossing my fingers that I'll be better by Saturday when we fly out! I'm already feeling better and I'm pumped full of vitamin C and zinc & it's really sort of nice to be a bit slower than normal. I'd like to be making our display the best it can possibly be and ironing out all the details, but part of running a business on my own is that I have to expect the unexpected. Luckily - I shipped almost everything I'll need to Vegas last week so that I could relax a bit this week, and everything else is just about ready to go.
I'm SO looking forward to my trip, meeting new folks and seeing all our wholesale customers from the west coast. My pal Sarah is coming with me for fun and research, and has been a great help in planning out our week of meals and excursions (something I didn't do last year, and ended up having to eat fast food pizza more than one night because all the restaurants were booked since it's Valentine's Day week, and everyone's getting married!). We're both longtime vegetarians, and places like the Vegas Strip don't always make it easy for good Veggie eating.... But I'm really looking forward to a few meals at the Wynn Hotel - where every single restaurant now has a separate Vegan Menu because the owner - Steve Wynn - went Vegan a few years ago. Can't wait to report on this, and much much more.

Our catalog is almost ready online as well - so Wholesalers who AREN'T planning to be at POOL or MAGIC next week, you'll get to check it out too this week.
it's supposed to snow tonight in Baltimore, and I'm so glad to be surrounded by blankets and tea and a fat cuddly cat.

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