Monday, January 16, 2012


I was just asked to be in a show featuring artists who use pattern in their work, and a day later, these caught my eye. They're images made by Carl Kleiner for IKEA (using the homegoods chain's kitchenware as a medium with which to make beautiful patterns). It got me thinking that my use of pattern - generally isolated to women's dresses in my paintings - could be broadened. What if the subjects themselves made a pattern? I'll get back to you on how this goes.
In other news, and speaking of pattern:
Have you seen the Print by Print show at the BMA? it's quite good.

Happy Martin Luther King day.
If you're home from work today, I hope you're enjoying a nice day off. I'm having a nice morning finalizing some new tshirt (and SKIRT) designs for printing this week and next. Can't wait to show them off to you!

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Christine Buckton Tillman said...

yes, absolutely the figures could be making patterns! go rachel!