Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Calendars! A few left!

Wanted to plug these exciting 2012 Calendars of my work one more time. This was a collaborative effort with my friends at Art Star Gallery & Boutique in Philadelphia, and they are exclusively available in that shop (and online HERE). Always fun to be able to use my work in a more utilitarian way, like a calendar. One of the main reasons I started a Tshirt company was so that I could make my art more widely accessible to a larger audience of people, and I think it's worked. I get butterflies every time I see someone out in the city wearing one of my tshirts, and I get the same smile when I see a calendar on someone's wall... even my own. Often fine art seems so inaccessible to the majority, because of high price points, and the exclusivity of one-of-a-kind. I like knowing that I can hold onto a copy of something I've made, and at the same time, let 100 other people have it too!

With that spirit in mind, this weekend Phil and I cleaned out the college artwork under our bed and in our closet, invited a few close friends over and had an impromptu art giveaway. It was SO fun to see our old unwanted prints & drawings going to good homes, and so relieving to have it out from under the bed, where it was slowly being eaten by dust bunnies, but we couldn't bring ourselves to throw it away. It's nice to have the empty space (not to mention to compliment of someone wanting our less-favored projects) and it was a good motivator to start making new things! Something even better, perhaps.

While you wait for that to happen, grab one of the few remaining calendars, if you'd like!

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