Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye Sometimes

photo from kibrly on Flickr

This weekend was a lot of things...
We built shelves in the new office, we were home all weekend, and it was a rare one where I stayed out late two nights in a row - Once for the Baltimore Rap Round Robin (if you're surprised at this, you don't know my history) and once for the very last Sometimes Dining - which has been a staple in Baltimore for the last couple years. What started as our three pals wanting to cook fancy and inventive dinners for larger groups of friends turned into a much competed for, reservations-only sporadic dinner party/restaurant in a beautiful secretly located Baltimore backyard. It's been not only the best meals I've eaten in the last two years, but also the best company I've kept, and the best way to spend weekend nights with friends old and new. The dining series ended this weekend with an invite-only grande finale deliciously (and bittersweetly) worthy of it's own sendoff. Here's a photo my friend Kim snapped of Phil and I in the middle of the 10 course extravaganza. If I look extra happy, it's because I'm among very very good people... a fact of life in Baltimore of which these dinners always helped to remind us.
Admittedly spent most of yesterday recovering from two nights out late in this glorious city... but the weather cooperated with me and thunderstorms were the perfect backdrop for a day of reading, baking cookies, and adoring the cat with Phil.

Now we're back to work in full force. It's the last week with the awesome intern Natalie and time to look for a new one.
New apparel needs advertising and prints need printing. If I didn't love doing this stuff so much, I might just be counting the days to my next weekend...

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P K said...

thanks for the eulogy, rachel. it makes me very happy to have had you at our tables.