Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Took a quick one-day trip to NY yesterday! After six hours of walking the NY International Gift Fair, the single craft piece I saw that made my heart race yesterday was not on the show floor - but in my inbox.
Shannon of SweetPepita bought a big pile of shirts from our discount bin at Artscape, and I knew something was up. Shannon makes wonderful one-of-a-kind dresses and tees for kids out of recycled apparel and I had a feeling her daughter (one of the coolest kids I know) was about to get a new back to school wardrobe. Sure enough...
Voila! from one of our "red prairie vintage" tees - the Dog Mandala for ladies - came this super cute Sleeveless Summer Swing Dress with gathered shoulders! I absolutely love seeing that shirts we've discontinued, burned or damaged slightly with ink spots end up with glamorous new homes... and this one takes the cake!
I came home yesterday from the gift fair invigorated, but very overwhelmed by all my options and ideas. Even in a cloud of exhaustion and overstimulated stupor - This talented Mamma and extra rad model totally made the day shine brightly for me, reminding me that even when I've lost my way or given up on certain things (in this case, a tshirt design)... I still can find a small team of supporters that will rally for me, and nudge me along. Thanks gals. :)

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