Friday, April 29, 2011


There's an old Super8 Film in existence of my husband, sister-in-law, and their cousins reenacting the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles back in the 80's... followed closely by a hilarious reenactment of the "royal birth" of william (Played by Phil, who was both the only boy in the family, and the only baby at the time). The kids are out on their front lawn in New Hampshire. They're wearing white gowns made from bedsheets - marching around regally, pretending to be royalty. It's all we could think about this morning as we peeked at photos from the event of the decade (Well, that, and "THANK GOD we're not from royal families, because I didn't even allow a family videocamera at our ceremony, let alone international news stations).
I'm not much for pomp or circumstance, but I did demand that we eat English Muffins for breakfast as a nod to our friends overseas. It may be over the top, and completely invasive of two people's great moments together... but it's taking our minds of devastating tornados in the south, War and Nuclear catastrophe. If only for a minute.
I can't say I'm not enamored, right along with the rest of the universe this morning... and dreaming of castle living and tiara owning. But in the end, I'm quite happy to have married the adorable actor who PLAYED William, and not William himself.
We'd not quite cut it as royalty. I prefer to be a commoner.

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