Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magic Carpet

The weather outside is mighty cold, and during the great flea scare of 2010 on our street, I bleached, vacuumed, sprayed, poisoned and scrubbed the entire house, and in a crazed fit of panic when those things didn't work, finally threw out all of our rugs (and although extreme, was victorious).
So now we are wood floors only. Pleasant looking, but not too comfy, and when it's cold and I have to get out of bed, I long for a nice squishy rug to greet my toes in the morning.

How much do you love these rugs from GAN? They look like big flat cozy knit socks.
Could someone please send me one? Okay thanks.
Until then, doubling up on my smartwool socks, inside slippers, and dreaming.

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