Thursday, December 9, 2010

S.O.S. (save our sales!)

Well Well Well.
While we were feeling quite smug about having stayed healthy and flu-free so far this winter, the LEAST likely candidate for a cold managed to get a virus yesterday.
Phil, myself and the cat are all feeling just dandy, but the website homepage ( has caught a mean and nasty case of malware.

Rest assured- reading this blog will not harm your computer, and neither will shopping in our actual online shop:
you'll just have to go straight to the above address, instead of stopping at regular old RedPrairiePress for the usual cuppa tea.

You can also shop in our Etsy shop safely, and help us attempt to bump our number of sales up! What a fun game!


Nogeeshik said...

again?...I think your website has a "virus me" sign on it! good luck

Rachel said...

I'm starting to wonder!
We're all cleared up today and we are 100% web-healthy for the holidays.
Everyone needs a little workplace drama, right?