Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa Congdon - Collections

Go in any bookstore right now, and you'll find an entire section of books starting with the title of "my year of ______" or "365 days of __________" Not sure where this trend came from, and it's been milked for all it's worth... but I have to say, I'm not totally sick of it just yet. I like compact little experiments like A J Jacobs year of living Biblically, or Dave Chameides year of producing no trash. I'm smitten with the 3191 blogs, in which 2 friends 3191 miles apart in Portlands Oregon and Maine juxtapose two portraits together each morning - one from each coast... and then again with another year of evening shots.
One I found the other day from Lisa Congdon (captain of awesome hand drawn wallpaper patterns) is this year of collections blog in which she posts a collection of something every single day. Simple photos, just collections of nice looking things. Not sure where they all come from, but I dig it.
Currently my only collection is of tshirts... and they are all over the place, as I'm gearing up for two craft fairs this weekend!

Holiday Heap is Saturday, December 4
Merry Mart is Sunday, December 5

both in baltimore. both delicious.
Grab your dollar bill collection, and come on out to say hello!

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