Monday, October 4, 2010


What a weekend! We had a fantastic show at Crafty Bastards this weekend - great to meet you all, DC shoppers!
A very successful and fun weekend, and we were so thrilled that all of the new tees we debuted did well right away!
Here's a peek at what our booth looked like all day Saturday - I never once left the tent, but phil snuck out to take this shot before being almost carried away from me in the shoppy mobs! THANKS to all the fantastic organizers for their hard work!

Do you like our new 100% recycled clothes hangers? pretty neato, right?

The contest is still open through friday for CRAFTIEST BASTARD 2010!
We feel odd campaigning for ourselves as we were involved in the Crafty Jury & blogging for the Bastards blog, so I used all of my ballots yesterday to campaign for one of my crafty idols - Cotton Monster. You should consider voting for her, or any of your favorite bastards HERE before Friday. Only takes a split second, and could help your favorite crafter win a $500 gift certificate to!


Jennifer said...

Stop all your blasted campaigning Bone! You're bound to get me disqualified! (but I love you for it)

rachel said...

No campaigning here. I'm just a superfan.