Friday, October 8, 2010

Mr Davis goes to Washington.

In celebration of my superb husband's birthday today, I'm taking him to see a man with an even bigger beard than his own: Doug Marsh. We're taking off early to go to DC and see Built to Spill play the 9:30 club. I haven't actually stayed awake for a concert in years, as I have the stamina of a 97 year old after 8pm... but here's occasion to start. We've had a coffee & icelandic yogurt at Carma's and we're heading south in just a bit. Built to Spill is one of Phil's favorite bands, and I've always been a quiet fan myself, but I really love the sentiment about Doug Marsh in this writeup on their website where (in the 4th paragraph) it talks about why he doesn't talk publicly about the meanings behind his songs - "He simply does wish to disrupt any meaning someone else has found." I feel very similarly about making paintings.

Anyway, thanks to all who took advantage of our Free Shipping sale yesterday - orders are shipping momentarily!!
Have yourself a merry little weekend, enjoy the smells of fall and celebrate all of the people in the world that are as wonderful as Phil is.

Happy 29th, pal.

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