Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks Chicago!

Thanks to all in Chicago for making this year's Renegade Craft Fair in that city even better than last! We had a really successful weekend, great fun with fellow vendors & our lovely host, Christalena (A dear pal from Baltimore, now living in Chicago, and pictured here as my twin in our brand new flower tees). Sold so many tshirts that our car didn't even bottom out on speed humps on our way home, like it did on the way there. (If that's not a sure sign of success, I don't know what is, my friend).

We here are Red Prairie HQ are feeling the burn of the lack of days off, but at the same time - the excitement of the fall. Mostly, I'm happy to be home snoozing in my own bed for the next week and a half (at which point, we head to NH for Phil to run a marathon, and me to sit on the sidelines drinking hot cocoa and proudly pumping my fist like a soccer mom).

See you next year, Windy City!

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pidge pidge said...

i love love this tshirt!