Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks Abell Community!

Thanks a ton to our wonderful neighbors & community for coming out to Abell St. Fair yesterday and completely blowing away our expectations of a small neighborhood street fair. WOW! We had so much fun yesterday drinking Wheelie Good Smoothies, Painting Faces (phil did this. I wo-manned the booth), hearing our neighbor's band The Pushovers play and meeting people we pass on the sidewalk all the time and never introduce ourselves to.
I'm feeling very supported here on Abell Ave! We were glad to give back a bit by donating the printing for the Abell Community Tees (designed by neighbor Bill Nelson). Apparently they sold out of one color, but the rest will be up on sometime soon.

In other news, my fine art site ( seems to have been hacked with some sort of Malware, so stay away until further notice! Our shop section is clear and safe to use, but is being fixed currently. If you feel the need to view any of my paintings, you can CLICK HERE.

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