Wednesday, September 29, 2010

@robinhood: S.O.S.!

Today I discovered that, as it turns out, it's legal for our taxes to increase about $500 a month more than we're paying because someone in the settlement office mis-estimated last years taxes to begin with.
Thus, I find myself saying goodbye to my beautiful painting studio in Woodbury, and to luxuries like...... wait, the biggest luxury I purchase is coffee. And it's .70 at Donna's if you BYO mug. I haven't bought new clothes in almost a year, I have a phobia of salons so I don't pay to get my hair cut (What can I say? I find it awkward to have my head rubbed by a stranger), and we use the car so little that we only fill it up with gas every other month unless we go on a trip. So really... I will just have to MAKE more money. Unless Robin Hood reads this blog, and maybe could help a girl out? Or is he no longer taking that sort of action? Ah well.

The good news is, Crafty Bastards approaches - Our biggest & most favorite fair of the year- and I fully expect my friends in DC to help us out of this mess (by shopping, silly! Not by fixing taxes!!)




bad news. awesome pic!

Karen said...

Have you applied for the homestead credit? It cut our Balt City property taxes in half!!

rachel said...

yup - we did just reaffirm that we'd applied for that - but it doesn't kick in until this coming year (doesn't apply to 1st yr homebuyers).

alethea norene said...

10 rachel robin hoods is heaaaven. i miss you, sorry about the studio