Thursday, September 23, 2010

Off to New Hampster

My awesome husband is about to run his THIRD marathon this weekend, while I stand waving from the sidelines at different check in points. Headed to NH tomorrow (Friday) for what is my first entire weekend off in a long time (not to mention my first visit to NH in a long time). Very happy about this. Have a date with my mamma to bake cheese rolls, and see the new garage my parents built. Can't wait to smell the fresh air, eat too much, drink too much and see family family & more family.
Here's what Phil looked like after his first marathon (Baltimore). I'm showing you because I think he looks like he's alive, not to make fun of him. I wouldn't look half that good in MY after-marathon photo... in fact, there wouldn't be one, because in the unlikely scenario I finished a marathon, I'm pretty sure pigs would fly, and you'd be taking photos of that instead and/or I would explode.

Wish us luck in the Shire. Off we go!


Sarah said...

Good luck Phil! I have to say that he looks amazing, in my opinion, for having just completed a marathon. I don't even look that good after work usually.

P K said...

good luck phil!!

fat bart said...