Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clean Up

Finding myself hiding in the air conditioning quite a bit this week... leaving the house only to swim and get iced coffee and water the poor wilting plants. Since I've had so much time indoors, I managed to accidentally delete the coding in the Red Prairie Press shop, and thus took on a quickie re-design that I like a lot better. Grabbed a drawing from the cuckoo clock design to snazz up the cursive writing, and cleaned up the photos so that there's plenty of breathing room around each one - hopefully leading to a happier shopping experience for you.
Feel free to send feedback this way!

In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting my lunch hunger, so I can devour the burritos that my AMAZING friends left on our doorstep last night. They were visiting Syracuse for a wedding, and new that Phil & I are obsessed with Syracuse's Alto Cinco Restaurant (Alto Cinco. high five. get it?) and I used to live a block away. Cornbread & Salad included. If you've never had to move away from a place like that... you couldn't possibly understand our glee.

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P K said...

Perfectly acceptable for breakfast....